Our Funds

Orthogonal SPAC Advantage Fund

The Orthogonal SPAC Advantage Fund employs a next-generation “quantamental” strategy that combines a bottom-up fundamental research approach with top-down quantitative risk controls. Investment insights and trading strategies are informed by Orthogonal’s proprietary SPAC database and robust analytics infrastructure, and are further enhanced by machine learning-based technologies to identify outperforming SPAC-related investment and arbitrage opportunities.

Orthogonal Global Fund

Orthogonal Global Fund focuses on capturing short-term alpha from recurring passive structural flows in global markets. The Fund does so through short-term trading of highly liquid instruments. Examples include regularly recurring commodities producer hedging, fixed-income rebalancing, and fiscal year-end foreign currency calendar flows. The Fund systematically targets hundreds of such opportunities annually, across multiple asset classes spanning the globe, with the goal of achieving consistent returns in any market environment. The Fund is market neutral and is not systematically long or short volatility.